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Host your next Virtual Trade Show and Exhibition

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Unlock new possibilities at your Virtual Trade Show with our comprehensive and creative solution suite

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Crafted & Delivered Successful Events with

Organise an Immersive and Cost-Effective Virtual Tradeshow with a wide array of features optimising for branding, attendee-exhibitor interactions and virtual engagement

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Maximise exhibitors'

ROI with booth features

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Showcase Exhibitors' branding and information extensively with Logo embed, About Us, Materials Download and Video or Photo Gallery

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Drive networking at booth through diverse means: Virtual Chat Room, Live Chat, Exchange Name Card, Schedule Appointment and Social Media Account redirecting 

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Facilitate product discovery and transaction with Product and Package Shelf, integrated with Ecommerce Store or Website

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Engage attendees 

with stage programmes

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Multiple concurrent livestream tracks and on-demand video gallery content

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Showcase agenda and speakers for each track

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Integrated with rich feature suite such as synced Live Commenting, Live Q&A, Polls, Surveys, Voting and Sponsor Branding

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Multi-Viewport Switching option available

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Explore All Features

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Accommodate 10,000+ attendees concurrently

Mobile Responsive

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Using ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 Compliant System

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Hosted on Amazon Web Service & Google Cloud Platform

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Centralise stakeholders'

onboarding in one place

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Scale exhibitor onboarding and information import with Exhibitor Dashboard

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Communicate with speakers and manage programmes seamlessly with Speaker Dashboard

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Help sponsors measure and visualise ROI through Sponsor Dashboard

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Track onboarding progress and manage various stakeholders through Organiser Dashboard

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Facilitate attendee

networking & connection

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Networking zone with attendee live chat and name card exchange

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Topic-based chat room to facilitate in-depth group discussions

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Explore endless Possibilities

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Virtual Exhibition & Trade Show

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Virtual Fair 

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Virtual Incentive

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Virtual Product

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Virtual Conference
& ​Workshop

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Get creative at your next

virtual trade show with us

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