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Host your next Virtual Product Launch

Leave a lasting impression on your audience and drive conversion at your virtual product launch with us 

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Thank you for considering AveLIVE! We will get back to you shortly!

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Crafted & Delivered Successful Events with

Impress your virtual event guess with a Unique, Interactive Virtual Product Launch through creative display, gamification elements and features optimised for conversion

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Spread the words through

optimised landing page

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White-Labelled Pre-Event Landing Page showcasing D-Day Agenda, Speakers and Activities

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SEO-optimised Landing Page, integratable with Ticketing System and Facebook Pixel for social media advertising 

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Showcase product

through unique story-telling

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Take your attendees on a journey of virtual discovery through our custom proposed Unique Storytelling

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Curated UI UX Flow to immerse audience in your storyline

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Explore All Features

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Accommodate 10,000+ attendees concurrently

Mobile Responsive

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Using ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 Compliant System

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Hosted on Amazon Web Service & Google Cloud Platform

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Impress your attendees with

interactive product showcase

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Showcase your products and services through interactive product visualisation media beyond photos & videos, such as 360 Image, 360 Video & AR

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Sync your activation with social media activities through AR Filter on Facebook & Instagram 

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Schedule integrated Live Product Demo, coupled with Live Commenting and Q&A

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Convert attendees

into potential customers

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Facilitate sharing and interactions between attendees and organisers through available tools such as Live Chat, Virtual Chat Room and Schedule Product Demo 

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For consumer products, convert directly with Product Listing, Product Profile and Purchase Capability integrated directly on the site

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Explore endless Possibilities

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Virtual Exhibition & Trade Show

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Virtual Fair

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Virtual Incentive

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Virtual Product

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Virtual Conference
& ​Workshop

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Get creative at your next

virtual launch with us

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