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Host your next Virtual Fair & Bazaar

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Facilitate discovery and connection at your Virtual Fair or Bazaar, empowered by our end-to-end features

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Thank you for considering AveLIVE! We will get back to you shortly!

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Crafted & Delivered Successful Events with

Organise an Interactive and Cost-Effective Virtual Fair with a wide array of features optimising for real-time engagement, selling and promotions, as well as hybrid experience integration

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Drive product and service

discovery and transaction

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Easily explore Booth or Vendor through Booth Search System, powered with relevant Filters and Keyword Search

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Discover products and services directly through Product or Service Search System, enabling attendees to find items based on Customised Filters, Keyword Search, and get re-directed to respective Booth to enquire 

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Flexibility to tag services and products on Search System to highlight Flash Sale, Discounts and Bundles

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Purchase Integration for products through various means such as E-commerce Shop Integration, QR or Vendor Payment Integration

Optimise for interaction 

and sales at Booth

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Showcase branding and information extensively with Logo embed, About Us section, Materials Download and Video or Photo Gallery

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Drive interaction at booth through diverse means: Virtual Chat Room, Live Chat, Exchange Name Card, Schedule Appointment and Social Media Account redirecting 

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Showcase products and services at booth with Product and Package Shelf, integrated with Ecommerce Store or Website

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Flexibility to customise Booth features based on respective event needs (Eg. Resume Upload for Career Fairs)

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Explore All Features

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Accommodate 10,000+ attendees concurrently

Mobile Responsive

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Using ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 Compliant System

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Hosted on Amazon Web Service & Google Cloud Platform

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Delight attendees with

engagement activities 

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Engage attendees with Gamification Mechanism such as Lucky Draw, tied in with on-platform Engagement Missions

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Hype up the ambience with Live Programme, integrated directly with the platform. Elevate hybrid event experience with Virtual Tour Integration, hosted by influencers, tour companies or hosts, with Live Commenting enabled. 

Create lasting memories

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Platform integrated with Virtual Photo Booth partner, enabling attendees to capture memories at the event

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Customise white-labelled frame and stickers for your event and branding

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Virtual Open House / Welcome Day
LITE Package

Package Details

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Event Registration & Member Login

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Virtual Lobby showcasing different areas, Sponsor branding and Customer Service Desk

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Up to 15 booths (Add-on for more booths)

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Map / Booth Directory

Booth features include View Booth Name, Logo, About Us, Photo/Video, Download Materials, Social media link

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Basic Event Analytics

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Get Package Price!

Thank you for considering AveLIVE! We will get back to you shortly!

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Explore endless Possibilities

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Virtual Exhibition & Trade Show

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Virtual Fair 

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Virtual Incentive

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Virtual Product

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Virtual Conference
& ​Workshop

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Get creative at your next

virtual fair with us

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