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Empower knowledge sharing at the Paediatric Dermatology Workshop 2023

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Event Overview

Took place on 9-10th September 2023, the inaugural hybrid Paediatric Dermatology Workshop 2023 (PDW 2023) aspired to provide an avenue for knowledge sharing on paediatric dermatology, covering a broad spectrum of aspects in the field from basic to advanced for interested healthcare professionals in Singapore and regionally. AveLIVE was proud to be the conference Secretariat that worked a closely alongside the organising team at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital to bring this event to fruition.

“Team Avelive, led by Aaron, has helped us on a 2 day hybrid workshop in September and we are grateful for their help. They are efficient, reliable and even went out of their way to help us during and after the workshop. The empathy, teamwork and kindness displayed by the team is inspiring and we look forward to working with them again.” — Dr Lynette Wee, Chairperson of PDW 2023, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
“I had a fantastic experience working with AveLive for our recent event. Aaron’s prompt follow-up and exceptional help in resolving IT issues made our event a breeze. Their team’s professionalism and dedication to ensuring everything went smoothly were truly commendable. Thanks to them, our event was a great success. We’ll definitely be working with them again in the future!” — Ingah, Senior Executive, Marketing Communications, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Key Solutions & Services

Event Branding and Design

Overall branding

We were tasked to explore suitable event themes, key visuals and palettes that could best portray the event’s objectives (on paediatric dermatology targeting healthcare professionals) while staying relevant to key colours from KKH brand guidelines.

Following extensive discussions, we opted for a 2D rounded-edged graphic adorned with gradient shades as our key visuals. This choice seamlessly blends the “playful” and dynamic elements, while maintaining a professional undertone suitable for a healthcare conference.

Collateral designs

Once the event branding and key visuals have been finalised, we standardise all collaterals and designs to ensure the event publicity has a consistent front. This includes EDMs, posters with adapted dimensions for KKH’s internal system, as well as slide templates, certificates, Zoom background and so on.

avelive event website, hybrid workshop

Event Website and Virtual Platform

Pre event Landing Page

Given the short time frame to get the event website up and running, we managed to prepare the professional landing page ready in less than 2 weeks, after the overarching branding concept has been approved. The website was mobile-friendly and able to accommodate complex registration and user access requirements, with payment integration and backend admin approval system in place. As the event offers different ticket tiers as well as 2 workshops - Basic Workshop and Advanced Workshop, targeting different audience and needs, our platform enabled the organising team to efficiently accept payment and review registration of ticket tiers that enjoy special prices, while managing the capacity of each workshop.

Virtual platform

Our offering for this event also encompasses a virtual event platform that allowed registered attendees to view their livestreamed respective workshop. Based on each individual’s signed up information, our end-to-end automated system would send a unique login link to their registered email. Here attendees could seamlessly access their session on the AveLIVE virtual platform.

Organising team could also provide sponsors more outreach and impressions through logo showcase within the programme page.

avelive livestream management, hybrid workshop

Livestream Management

The AveLIVE team also had the opportunity to collaborate with AV team from KKH to plan and manage 2 concurrent livestreaming sessions from 2 separate spaces. In the room that lacks a pre-equipped camera and sound system, our dedicated team proactively supplied and set up the essential equipment, ensuring an optimal livestreaming experience with top-notch quality.

avelive in-person speaker support, hybrid workshop

Speaker and Customer Support

In-person Speaker Support

In our commitment to guaranteeing seamless program execution, our team went above and beyond by facilitating smooth transitions between speakers. We actively assisted speakers in reviewing their slides, managed time to ensure the event’s punctuality, and meticulously oversaw the projection and presentation aspects to guarantee clarity for both the in-person audience and those tuning in via the livestream. This comprehensive support ensures a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees across all platforms.

Customer Support

As part of our Secretariat service, we are also the main contact point that supports healthcare professionals with any queries they have regarding the event, helping them resolve concerns over programme, payment or accessing the virtual platform.

Thank you...

Thank you the Organising team at KKH for your trust and collaboration that enabled us to support you in bringing the event to fruition, despite the tight timeline. We look forward to continue partnering with you for future meaningful programme and initiative!

Interested to learn more about how we managed and delivered a complex virtual experience end-to-end? Find out more here!

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