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Connecting Book Lovers through Impactful Outreach at Let’s Read@SG 2023

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Event Overview

From July to September 2023, we embarked on a meaningful cultural project in collaboration with Clubsixy - the inaugural Let’s Read@SG 2023 initiative, in conjunction with the launch of the Funtana platform.

Organised by Clubsixy (Singapore) and supported by the Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community and Funtana, Let’s Read@SG is Asia’s most innovative culture festival that connects the Global-Asia creator ecosystem through premier thought leadership, culture workshops, vibrant communities and gamified reading challenges.

We had the pleasure with assisting the Clubsixy and Funtana team end-to-end for this event, with the full spectrum from idea conceptualisation, branding, marketing, attendee management, speaker liaison, procurement to webinar hosting and in-person finale event.

Had the pleasure of collaborating with an exceptional team for our first-ever project, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Their dedication, creativity, and attention to detail truly exceeded our expectations. - Jiayi, Ambassdor at Funtana

Key Solutions & Services

Event Branding and Marketing

Overall branding

Tasked with getting the event website with custom branding up and running in 2 weeks, we went through many rounds design concept proposal to best reflect the event nature, while staying close to Funtana key colours. Once aligning on the theme, we start developing various Key Visuals (KVs) to be used across the website and assets for social media organic posts and advertising creatives.

Event website

The website is a mobile-friendly landing page, with dynamic UI to let attendees grasp the event’s objectives and key details, as well as being optimised for attendee and moderator signup. It also has pixel implemented in order to support social media advertising campaigns and drive registration efficiently.

Marketing and Publicity

For Let’s Read@SG, being able to raise awareness of the initiative and the Funtana branding was among the key objectives, which we achieved through proposing and executing a comprehensive marketing plan comprising content strategy, creatives, organic social calendar cross-channel and paid media advertising.

Throughout the course of 2 months, we prepared over 12 social media posts and 20+ creatives to be used for the ads campaigns, driving a total of 700 signups across Singapore and key SEA markets with a best-in-market Cost-per-action (CPA) to ensure great media efficiency while delivering on the organiser’s expectation. As part of the publicity effort, we also represented the organiser to reach out to National Library Board and schools for partnership and co-branding opportunities, achieving greater outreach.

avelive speaker liaison, logistics & venue management, culture workshop

Moderator and Speaker Engagement

Moderator Engagement

At Let’s Read 2023, members of the public could signup either as a reader and/or moderator, where each moderator are able to propose up to 2 books for readers to share reviews, reflections and discuss among themselves via the Funtana platform. At the end of the contest period, moderators and readers who are most active and contribute the most meaningful, high quality comments stood to win attractive prizes.

We were tasked with recruiting, vetting and briefing moderators who registered. Our successful marketing campaign allowed us to go beyond the initial target of 10 to eventually onboard 40. On top of explaining contest rules and showcasing how to use Funtana for the activities, we also provided tips to help moderators better engage the public in discussion, proposed an affiliate marketing system to leverage on the power of word-of-mouth to further increase the event outreach while recognising more avenues to reward them for the extra efforts.

Speaker Liaison

Throughout the two-month engagement campaign, we also supported the organising team with speaker liaison for all 3 webinars and the finale event taking place at the end of the programme. Through our thorough briefing and dedicated support end-to-end, the team was able to deliver many insightful content and even highly interactive workshops virtually.

avelive speaker liaison, logistics & venue management, culture workshop

Logistics and In-person Event Management

Logistics, Venue Sourcing and Management

Given the relatively short timeline, we were aware of the priority in securing the right venue for the Finale programme, along with logistics that may need a longer lead time to prepare. Overseeing the whole process from RFQ, negotiation, site recce to design and quality check, we managed all aspects of procurement - panel, F&B, door gift, VIP token, prize and many others - in record time with great satisfaction for quality from organiser and attendees.

In-person Event Management

The in-person Finale event was definitely the highlight of the initiative, given that its mission is to bring readers across different walks of life together through the common passion for books. After many weeks of exchanging reviews online with another via the Funtana platform, the Finale would provide the avenue for readers across Singapore to connect with one another in-person beyond the virtual interactions.

With the creative freedom given to us by the organiser, we proactively proposed the programme structure to balance different objectives - content presentation, networking, meaningful ideas exchange and maximising the awareness and branding of Funtana. Throughout the event, our team also hosted the presentations to allow smooth the transition between different segments and coordinated with venues and vendors to deliver and have all setup ready. Our efforts did not go unnoticed, as we received many great feedback from both event organiser and attendees:

avelive feedback, culture workshop

Thank you...

All in all, we would like to thank the Clubsixy team for letting us be a part of this meaningful programme and for your trust in letting us take the steering wheel when it comes to creative marketing campaigns and new programme idea execution! We would also like to thank all speakers, moderators and attendees who participated online and came down for the Finale - your positive feedback encouraged us to continue pushing the limits of creativity and delivering high quality events along with the organising team!

Interested to learn more about how we managed and delivered a complex virtual experience end-to-end? Find out more here!

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