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Digitalise voting process with NTU Union Elections 2021 & 2022

Event Overview

In August 2021 and 2022, we had the pleasure to be the platform vendor of choice for the annual NTU Union Elections. Through the elections, representatives for each faculty for the coming academic year will be chosen, governed by a set of rules specified in the Constitution and Regulations, which helps to ensure the integrity of the Union. Our role is to provide an infrastructure for the nomination and voting process of 24,000 students across all faculties, ensuring that the system would be equipped with suitable mechanisms following the Constitution and Regulations.

Thank you AveLIVE team for the help extended throughout the last 1.5 months, we wouldn’t have been able to make this year’s Union Elections so smooth without your assistance! Especially considering the very tight timeline that we were working on, your team has delivered a very remarkable job. It’s been a very pleasant experience working with you guys and I look forward to working with you guys again. — NTUSU Union Elections Committee, 2021
Aaron and his team were very thorough and communicative throughout the whole process of the portal. They were also extremely efficient in helping us troubleshoot problems, replying even in the wee hours of the night and accommodating to our changes at the last minute. We will definitely be recommending them to our teams next year, thank you for your work! — NTUSU Union Elections Committee, 2022

Key Solutions Provided

Student Interface

Crafting Nomination & Endorsement mechanics following set regulations

Within the platform, we enabled candidates across all faculties to be able to nominate themselves and propose endorsers for their campaign. The system's mechanics needed to ensure the nomination (and potential withdrawal) and endorsement flow would be compliant to the regulations, such as restrictions for a student to be a candidate or an endorser.

Digitalise Voting process, optimised for both compliance and convenience

Within the platform, on e-Voting day, students from different faculties could only access and vote for the positions and candidates for their assigned clubs. This implied that we would need to ensure an accurate profiling of the each student at NTU to protect the integrity of the elections. We also implemented systems to ensure that the process was fair, compliant, yet user-friendly to ensure students could seamlessly access the voting platform most conveniently, even on their mobile and iPad devices.

Each Club's Election Committee (EC) Dashboard

"Partially decentralise" management through each club's EC Dashboard

Given the scale and importance of the event, it was critical that each club and their respective EC had certain level of control to perform certain setups and facilitate the Nomination, Endorsement and Voting process for their club accordingly.

We thus developed the EC Dashboard system for each club, allowing the Returning Officers for each club to be able to create available positions, monitor all phases of the elections and even receive whistle blow report via the platform.

Union Election Committee (UEC) Dashboard

Overseeing 20+ elections across clubs in one consolidated UEC Dashboard

Needless to say, the UEC team from NTUSU played a great role in collaborating closely with us to define key features required for crafting the platform. In order to help them manage and oversee the elections process end-to-end, we also developed a UEC Dashboard where inputs from each EC team during position creation, and from students during the Nomination, Endorsement and Voting were well-captured. The UEC team could also use the platform to manage the timeline of the elections and by-elections, view whistle blow reports and activity logs across all EC clubs.

Thank you...

Through this event, once again we were convinced of the importance of technology in transforming large-scale physical processes into a seamless, convenient digital flow, more so in the age of uncertainties as today. Thank you team for entrusting such an important project to us, and look forward to a long-term collaboration ahead!

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