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Tim Wade

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Leading Change Speaker

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Tim is a global conference speaker with multiple awards under his belt. As leading change speaker, he talks about transformation, innovation and motivation.

Having led departments and managed teams for over 19 years at various organisations in Asia Pacific, Tim has a complete understanding of corporate culture. He has solved many of the challenges all corporates face and speaks the language of your people. Thanks to corporate operational management experience and several speaking awards, he is able to connect with his audience in an impactful, results-oriented and relevant way.

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The Engagement Solution: How to Solve the Biggest Problem for Online and Hybrid Events

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Research has shown that the number one challenge that online event organisers are facing is engagement, and the second one is the lack of tech knowledge. Together these make up over 50% of the biggest frustrations event planners need to overcome.

So how do you increase engagement in a virtual environment? That's exactly what our three online event engagement experts are going to talk about in this session.

They are going to cover various topics including: how to increase the value of your pitch, effective interaction, engagement and participation techniques for live, online and hybrid events, how to use practical engagement strategies as a key differentiator at your event, solutions that are already being implemented by our clients and that you will be able to implement as of today.

Join their discussion to learn how to increase the value of any event.

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2 SEP 2020

13:00 - 13:45

Main Stage


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Tim Wade