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Sam Lebens

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Enterprise Account Executive

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Sam enjoys SaaS business, knowledge sharing, hospitality and digital marketing. After gaining experience in digital tech for multiple years, she now works as an Account Executive for Azavista. With her first job being for a large conference organizer, it was a matter of time before Sam would find her way back into this exciting industry.

Combining the latest tech with a penchant for well-organised events, she's on a quest to help planners become more data-driven in 2021.

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Will the Real Data Driven Event Planner, Please Stand Up?

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Data-driven event management has been a hot topic in event industry. Digitalisation and the rise of Event Tech has been thoroughly discussed for many years. However, the unexpected pandemic – that forces everyone to re-think their strategy – made it painfully clear that many struggle with basic data management.
We cannot thrive if the base isn’t right. In this session, we will dive into crucial software applications, integrations and how to become truly data-driven.

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2 SEP 2020

16:30 - 17:15

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Sam Lebens