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Ng Boon Chin

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Boon Chin is the founder of Ubersnap—where we help you capture and remember your event, with innovative photo and GIF experiences. Transform your events with our breakthrough services. From the inventors of the GIF booth with holographic prints and the virtual photo booth for online events.

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Transform Your Virtual Events with a Virtual Photo Booth

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Virtual events are here to stay. Even with the return of physical events, many companies are looking at virtual or hybrid events for the future.
To make it work, we have to address the biggest challenge of virtual events – engaging your audience. It is too easy for them to become passive if they are just watching a live stream.

In this session, we demonstrate our solution to that problem – our virtual photo booth. We show how it helps you create engagement and how you can integrate it into your events.

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2 SEP 2020

11:30 - 12:15

Main Stage


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Ng Boon Chin