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Kee Cheng Heng

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Co-Founder, Managing Director

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Cheng Heng is the Co-founder of HelloHolo, an Immersive Media consulting firm specializing in Mixed Reality that provides end-to-end services for our clients including Prototyping, Asset Creation, App Development and Training. Founded in 2016, our team based in Singapore has become one of the staple brands developing for Microsoft HoloLens and other key technology platforms.

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Designed to Amaze: AR/MR for In-Person and Remote Events

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Come join us to better understand Augmented and Mixed Reality technology, that is transforming the new normal of remote and in-person events.

Imagine a live interactive stage that you can view together with thousands right on your phone, to bespoke experiences on devices like Microsoft HoloLens 2, where characters can sit on your couch at home and walk you through a crime scene! This is all possible today.

HelloHolo, Singapore's leading Mixed Reality Consultancy, will lead you through a lightning round of these opportunities to deliver amazing experiences for any event. MICE and Tourism executives, be sure drop in to be the first to grasp such exclusive technologies.

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2 SEP 2020

14:15 - 15:00

Main Stage


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Kee Cheng Heng