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Emily Wallace

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Sales & Marketing Manager

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As Sales and Marketing Manager for SKYMAGIC, Emily runs the sales and marketing activity for the award-winning drone light show company. After working in the fashion industry across France and the UK, Emily knows and understands the core values and beliefs of luxury brands and clients. Combining this experience with the skills and expertise of SKYMAGIC – Emily has experience in bringing the worlds of fashion and technology together in a way that positions SKYMAGIC as one of the industry leaders for performance drone shows.

Emily has worked on a number of world-class projects for a diverse range of clients from private weddings to music festivals, governing bodies to high profile sporting events.

As a speaker at this year’s virtual event – Emily will be introducing you to the world of SKYMAGIC, revealing how their shows and technology bring events alive in the most innovative way possible.

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Drone Tech to Make Your Event Come Alive

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SKYMAGIC – one of the world’s leading drone light show companies heralded its arrival onto the international stage with the design and delivery of the world’s first drone light show at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. This beautiful juxtaposition of old meets new marked the beginning of SKYMAGIC’s story into the world of live entertainment. With over 10,000 flying hours, SKYMAGIC have broken world records telling stories for global brands, festivals, opening ceremonies and more. SKYMAGIC’s performance drones push the boundaries of artistic performance, bringing art and technology together in the most unique way possible. Their inhouse system has been developed to control mass drone flight formations for both indoor and outdoor. The system utilises a suite of programming environments used to generate smooth and collision-free trajectories, simulate flight data and creative lighting programming.

In today’s speaker session, Sales and Marketing Manager, Emily Wallace will be introducing you to the world of the award-winning drone light show company, revealing how their shows and technology bring events alive in the most innovative way possible.

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2 SEP 2020

17:15 - 18:00

Main Stage


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Emily Wallace