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Desmond Tan

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Bountie Esports Arena Pte. Ltd.

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Chief Business Development Officer

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Desmond is the Chief Business Development Officer for Bountie Holdings Pte. Ltd. and eSports Exchange Sdn. Bhd. He is a seasoned startup entrepreneur with 9 years of expertise in events, marketing and investment sales. Bountie has been his recent foray into the esports industry, together with the team and his 3 other partners, they strive to create the world's best platform for gamers to work, shop and play together.
Desmond believes that gaming is akin to music, it is transnational and transcultural. To be able to speak to Gen Z and Gen A, you will first have to decipher the language of gaming.

At work, Desmond handles all corporate discussion and collaboration with businesses and government institution. After work, he is subservient to 2 girls and 1 woman at home. On top of that, he enjoys the occasionally indulgence of ganking with friends on Mobile Legends and Marvel Super War.

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Digitalise Your Event Experience with E-Sport / Social Gaming

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Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, consumer sentiment and behavior has fundamentally changed and this is evident across all industries. The esports and gaming world are seeing increasing relevance in today’s world as the new social fiber of society. Begging the question if this trend is here to stay and if then how should education institution and corporation manage this integration?
Join us in this session as we have one of Singapore’s leading esports company shed light on digitising your event experience with esports and social gaming.

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2 SEP 2020

15:45 - 16:30

Main Stage


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Desmond Tan