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David Jacobson

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CEO & Co-Founder

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David Jacobson is CEO & Co-Founder of ThymeBase and is building the platform where work gets done for event professionals. His passion lies in helping small businesses and solopreneurs by giving them the tools necessary to succeed. David's interest in various topics has taken his career from documentary film-making to medicine to accounting. Before ThymeBase he spent two years at a performance marketing company in San Francisco working with B2C and DTC companies. David holds his MBA and Masters in Accounting from The University of Illinois-Chicago.

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Collaborative Event Planning in the Digital Age

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Technology has changed the way businesses work together and has brought powerful tools to the hands of event planners. As a professional who manages and communicates with dozens of unique vendors for each event, finding and deploying the right software can save you time and energy. In this session you will learn the current trends and best use scenarios for collaborative event planning software.

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2 SEP 2020

15:45 - 16:30

Main Stage


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David Jacobson