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Daniel Boey

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Daniel Boey is a creative director and television personality who has designed experiences for fashion events worldwide.

His extensive portfolio includes work in the fashion capitals for high-profile clients like Vivienne Westwood.

Daniel is the creator of The Front Row, Singapore’s Definitive Virtual Fashion Festival.

He is a Governor on the Board of the Asian Couture Federation and his television credits include three seasons of Asia’s Next Top Model.

In 2015, he wrote “The Book of Daniel: Adventures of a Fashion Insider”, followed by ‘Behind Every *itch is a Back Story” in 2017 and “We Adopted” in 2019. In 2020, he started a series of children’s books called ‘Furry Tales by Leia”

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When Creatives meet Technology: The Future of Virtual Events

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Shifting traditionally immersive in-person experiences, performances and fashion shows to the virtual environment only within a few months was as challenging for our seasonsed creative directors and event planners. While the circumstances created many barriers towards designing a truly captivating attendee experience, it also opens up plentiful opportunities to engage your audience in different ways, different formats - challenging organisers to bring arts expression beyond physical limitations.

From more than 90 years of combined experiences in the events industry, Hugh, Daniel and Jeremiah would be sharing with you how they have overcome setbacks from the "New Normal" in the past 6 months, brought together the best of both worlds - creativity and technology - and created impactful events.

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2 SEP 2020

10:00 - 10:45

Main Stage


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Daniel Boey