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Re-imagine virtual student engagement with NTU Fest 2021

Event Overview

Organised by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Students' Union, NTU Fest is a day-long annual event that would take the place after the usual freshmen orientation camp. Amidst the pandemic situation in 2021, the NTU Fest team was faced with a challenge: to effectively engage new students in the absence of a physical carnival. It was then that AveLIVE became the vendor of choice to execute the team's innovative ideas for the virtual NTU Fest 2021 and delivered a week-long virtual engagement programme "Finding Lyon"

The platform was open to over 2,000 NTU students.

"AveLIVE was extremely competent in rendering an event in such a short time frame. Since the initial meeting, we knew that AveLIVE was the service we needed. The team’s attention to detail and ideas were second to none. Furthermore, they were helpful and patient with our demands throughout the event’s pipeline. Overall, the adaptability, competence and quality of AveLIVE’s services allowed NTU Fest to execute a memorable virtual event that exceeded our expectations." - NTU Fest Commitee 2021

"Finding Lyon"

The NTUSU team reached out to us with an interesting concept for the event - through participating in various activities on the virtual platform, students will gain pieces of clues to help them solve an overarching case of the missing school mascot, Lyon. After completing a number of "missions", participants may vote for the culprit and provide the rationale behind their choice.

The customised storyline and requirement were indeed intriguing, and so we gladly took on the challenge!

Student Interface

Create the hype with Pre-event Landing Page

Despite the short timeline to deliver the platform, the organising team and us believe that having a Pre-event Landing Page with a countdown, event details and rewards are important to get students excited about the programme. As such after working closely with the team for key assets such as Lyon design and NTU branding elements, we got the page up and running,

Familiarise new students with NTU Map on Home Page

Instead of having a conventional Home page, AveLIVE team designed a 2D NTU map featuring various locations in the school, at the request of the organising committee to familiarise first-year students with the different buildings and landmarks on campus. Each location was an entry to participate in activities to reveal clues.

Interactive Games and User Generated Content (UGC) Activities

One of the most important aspects of this event was to create various activities to help students make new friends, stay connected with their cohort and immerse in the school spirit. At the same time, these should also be fun, engaging and diverse in format. With that in mind, we proposed a mix of activities of different natures such as Mini-Games, Scavenger Hunt, Timed Quizzes and various User Generated Content Activities where students could share more about their student life.

Tying everything together with Storyline, Clues Mechanics and Voting System

Upon first entering the platform, students could view the story and context before exploring activities on the map, and upon completion of each activity, they could retrieve a clue to solve the case. Their participation and achievements in each "mission" were recorded, serving as conditions for culprit voting. As there were also individual awards for top winners of certain activities, their detailed performance should also be captured for sharing with the organising committee.

Admin Dashboard

Given the number of activities to keep track and follow, we have created an Admin Dashboard for the organising team to view the records for each activity, as well as an overview of activities by each student. As such, the team was able to conveniently monitor UGC daily and identify the winners promptly after the programme concluded.

Thank you...

Through working closely with the organising team, we have together pushed the boundary of virtual engagement, bringing creative ideas and concepts to life. Thank you NTUSU team for the collaboration opportunity!

Interested to learn more about how we re-imagine the hybrid experience? Find out more here!

AveLIVE is your go-to virtual event platform for customised creative solutions and high-engagement elements. Based in Singapore, we have delivered hybrid and virtual projects with partners based locally and across the world, reaching more than 100,000 attendees to this day.

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