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Legend has it that Sang Nila Utama was the youngest of three sons borne to Raja Chulan during his three years stay with Princess Mathabu'l-Bahri of the underwater kingdom Dika.

Before Sang Nila Utama left the waters with his father, his mother gave him a treasure as a memento of his time at the underwater kingdom and asked him to keep it close to him so that he can always find his way back to her.

Sang Nila Utama later rose to be the ruler of Palembang, which became a prosperous city under his rule, but he began to get bored and was aching for an adventure. After spotting an island across the waters during one of his hunting trips, Sang Nila Utama set sail and arrived at Temasek island, thereafter, founded Singapore. It was only then that he realised it was his mother’s gift that called out to him and led him on the adventure to discover Singapore, an island surrounded by the sea.

Towards the end of Sang Nila Utama’s reign over Singapore, he decided to keep his mother’s treasure at a place that no one could find so that he will never be separated from her…

After centuries, the tale of the underwater treasure has also come to pass but some believe that it is still out there, hidden in a secret location well-kept by Sang Nila Utama before his passing...

In this Multi-Player, Multi-Perspective Escape Room Game, you will get the chance to rediscover Singapore through the lens of our unique local characters (with their own “superpower”!) and work together to uncover the lost treasure of Sang Nila Utama. Highly interactive and fun game that will test your knowledge of Singapore culture and lifestyle!

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