The Golden Feather Thief


Role Playing Murder Mystery

On the Eve of every Lunar New Year, the Gods in the Heavens would gather around the Holy Temple after the Great Feast to witness the annual Blessing Ceremony. This year, as the clock struck 12, the crowd began to gather outside the Holy Temple as the nightfall took the stage on the very last day of the year. To everyone’s surprise, the beaming aura from the Golden Feather kept at the top of Holy Temple has gone.

Did something happen to the Golden Feather? We must figure out!

This time, you and your friends will role play as 5 zodiacs – Mouse, Ox, Snake, Monkey and Pig, to uncover the secrets inside the Holy Temple and figure out who, among you, was the culprit behind this incident.

This is a Virtual Role Playing Murder Mystery Game.

A Role Playing Murder Mystery Game is a game in which each player in a group takes on a character or suspect in a crime. Each character has his or her own secrets, which he or she must hide from other players while working with everyone to find the culprit.

per pax



​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Average Rating

Success Rate

5 pax

Max 120 minutes



Very interesting


Vu Lan

Took a while to understand the rules stories at first, but we had so much fun together.
Very creative stories with great details and illustrations.


Duy Phuong Nguyen

A fascinating game with many contents for you to build your own script and then betray others members. haha
I had such a happy moment with my friends when we discuss to figure out who is the thief.
Hope that we will have more scenes and characters to join in next time.


Christian Jeremy

Had fun with my friends playing the game.


Kenny Chong

It was a very fun and intense game which is very enjoyable with friends.


Tan Eng Jian

Very interesting!


Yeo Zong Han

Very detailed game play and interesting storyline. Really tested our critical thinking and camaraderie as a team



For people who like detailed investigation on discovering the culprit, testing your problem-solving skills!


Shi Hao

Good for bonding session