The Golden Feather Thief


Escape Room

"…As we walked into the shop, the lanterns at the back suddenly lit up and the room became wider. It was as if we have entered a different world. The overwhelming scents of old pages, rusty antiques, charred wood and dust permeated the dilapidated air. We panicked, turned around looking for a way out.

But the entrance was nowhere to be found...

Where are we? Why did we end up here? How do we get out of this place?"

You and your friends will embark on an exciting journey to uncover the mysteries and special missions hidden in this Chinese antique shop. Solve the puzzles and fulfill your mission before time is up!

This is a Virtual Multi-player and Multi-perspective Escape Room Game where players may share common and separate missions. You and your teammates need to communicate with one another throughout the game to ensure that you can help each person solve the puzzle in his or her respective room for everyone to escape.

per pax



​Number of Players


Difficulty Level

Average Rating

Success Rate

4 pax - 8 pax

Max 60 minutes



I think all in all OK la. We had a slight technical problem -- cannot share screen on Zoom, so that affected our experience. But I do feel that there is too much information at times, but I guess that's the point of escape room -- to navigate the complexities and solve the problems. If too easy then it's not fulfilling, too hard and it might frustrate the players. But we still managed to solve the puzzle within the time limit, so I guess it's all is within expectation?



This was an interesting concept since I never tried before online escape room before. Overall it was very fun and exciting especially after solving the puzzles! Took some time at the start to get used to it but all was good after that. Definitely will intro to others and hope to play more of such in future! Thanks for the fun :)



It was great! The level of difficulty was fairly tough for specific rooms especially the one with the treasure chest and I think the timing was quite suitable. It took about 45 minutes to complete it so it does give some buffer for a 1 hour game. As a non-chinese, at first it seems daunting to play the game especially with all the chinese words and characters, but once you read the clues and understand what it is asking (which is clearly stated in english) it is not difficult to navigate, help your group members and be part of the game as well.


Dhanesh Thiru

It was pretty fun and a good bonding activity for friends to play. Certain parts do require us to work together and think of the solution to help one another.



Fun and interesting!! Great game to play with friends and puzzles are innovative!



fun puzzles that were sufficiently challenging! i had a great time in the escape room :)



fun!! puzzles were sufficiently challenging too, might be good if hints can be included in exchange for time or something.


Heather Tay

Very appealing and intricate graphics and set design. Puzzles are challenging yet fun and manageable.


Ang Yi Zhe

Great experience with minor technical difficulties.


Chan Guan Hao

Very fun. Tested our teamwork throughout the game. Need to understand everyone's contexts and piece everyone's clues together to solve problems.


Jia Hwee